Starbucks Low Acid Coffee- The Best Way To Enjoy Your Coffee

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Does your stomach churn or you have an acid reflux after gulping down some delicious coffee? If yes, then you are the type of people with high sensitivity to acidic contents in coffee. Unknown to most people, the acids in the coffee can cause far reaching health issues related to the stomach. If not addressed well, this sensitivity can lead to major dietary restrictions and ultimately cause you to stop taking coffee. If you have these acid issues, then it is advisable to take low acid coffee starbucks.

Starbucks Low Acid Coffee – The Best Way To Enjoy Your Coffee

Coffee flavor is influenced by naturally occurring acids in coffee beans. So, which are the factors that influence acidity in coffee?

Growing conditions

Growing conditions play a major role in the acidity levels of coffee. Ideally, the acidity in soil is passed on to the coffee beans which is in turn experienced in the taste of the coffee. Coffee grown in Brazil and Indonesia are less acidic than those grown in high elevation areas such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru. Wet processed coffee has a higher acidity compared to dry processed beans. Therefore, the starbucks coffee acidity levels of wet processed coffee are ideal for people with little or no tolerance to acidity.

Roasting method

Roasting also has a great impact on the acidity of coffee. Light coffee roasts have a lower pH hence high acidity than dark roasts. This is because the roasting process has a neutralizing effect on the acid in the coffee beans. When coffee beans are roasted for longer and at high temperatures, the acidity is reduced incredibly. For instance, a dark coffee bean roast roasted at about 410 degrees Fahrenheit contains more acidity than the same roast roasted at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brewing method

Brewing methods also have an effect on the acidity of coffee. Coffee brewed using a French press is more acidic than that brewed using a drip brewer. This is because a French press utilizes a coarser grind thereby increasing the acidity of your coffee beans.

Brewing low acidic coffee

There are several ways of brewing starbucks low acid coffee. These brewing options are designed to make it easy for you to reduce the acidity in these beans for an almost acid-free coffee flavor. Some of these ways include:

Cold brew

Cold brewing your coffee beans is an efficient and reliable way of reducing the acidity in your coffee beans. According to research, cold brewing reduces acidity in coffee beans by up to 60% compared to hot brewing.

Add milk

Adding milk when brewing your coffee has a neutralizing effect to the acidity in the coffee beans. This is because milk is neutral and hence lowers acidity by diluting it. However, you should note that this method is only applicable to dark roasts and hence does not work well with light roasts.

Brew with eggshells

Since the ancient times, eggshells have been widely used for balancing acidity in different things including soil due to their alkaline properties. Therefore, you can brew with eggshells to lower the acidity in your coffee beans. All you need to do is put egg shells into the brewer’s filter together with coffee grounds. Then, brew your grounds as you usually do.  Ensure that you only use clean egg shells so that you do not end up adding a foreign taste to your coffee and end up with an undesirable concoction.

Does Starbucks have low-acid coffee beans?

Before you even consider which starbucks coffee is low acid, the first consideration you need to make is whether Starbucks has low acid coffee. Even though Starbucks does not out rightly market low acid coffee beans, the brand produces roasts that contain low acidity. These roasts are a great choice for people shopping for low acid coffee.

Some of the top low acid coffee roasts by Starbucks include:

  1. Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Pike Place Roast
  2. Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  3. Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Top Benefits Of Starbucks Low Acid Coffee

So, are there any benefits of using starbucks low acid coffee? Unknown to most people, this coffee has immense benefits on your health and body in general. These benefits include:

Protect your stomach

Stomach intolerance to acidity such as GERD or acid reflux pose a serious health concern to the stomach and digestive tract. Therefore, these classes of people should not consume high acidity coffee. Low acid coffee is easy on the stomach, makes it easy to manage acid intolerance and reduces heartburns. This coffee may also make it easy to fall asleep at night for people with nighttime reflux.

Protect your teeth

Acid is known to be reactive with the teeth’s enamel. As such, the acidity in light roast coffee varieties strips away the enamel gradually, thereby making you susceptible to teeth problems. On the other hand, low acidity coffee is gentle on your teeth and does not do any harm on your dental health. Therefore, when you consume low acid coffee, your teeth do not stain like they do when taking high acid coffee.

Manage caffeine addiction

Low acid coffee is less addictive than high acid coffee. If you take coffee regularly, then low acid is the best coffee option for you if you do not want to develop caffeine addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ph of coffee?

The PH of coffee varies in respect to several factors including roast type and origin, but the PH value of coffee is around 5. Ideally, the acidity of coffee compares to that of bananas. However, there are some coffee varieties that have a PH of 4 thus making the varieties highly acidic.

Is it possible to make coffee less acidic?

The acidity of coffee can be lowered in several ways that include adding milk, using eggshells, or by cold brewing.  The best thing about these options is that while they lower the acidity in coffee, the options do not affect the taste or flavor of your coffee. Using low acid coffee is also a way of lowering acidity in your coffee.

Is starbucks dark roast low in acidity?

 Dark roast coffee are known to have low acidity levels. Therefore, Starbucks dark roast coffee is low in acidity. Additionally, dark roast coffee contains a lower caffeine than light roast coffee.


Starbucks low acid coffee is the ultimate coffee variety for people with acidity problems. This coffee variety guarantees that you are able to enjoy flavorful and delicious coffee without affecting your health.  Starbucks has a wide collection of high-end coffee roasts whose acidity is safe for consumption by everyone. Research on the internet on the best variety of this brand to settle for.

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