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Coffee is one of most widely traded commodities in the world. In fact, it is the second most traded commodity after oil. This is coffee economics. We understand and appreciate this but, here at Republik, we focus on “human economics” of coffee. Coffee is arguably the catalyst/not so secret ingredient that brings all humans from different creeds, race, religion, economic status into one micro space during the much-needed break from our busy lives. We all hugely benefit from these interactions. At Republik Coffee Bar, our number one goal is to make sure this experience for our customers are very well received and appreciated.

We don’t have a motto, but if we did it would be: “Lives are changed when people connect.” We feel we succeed every time we achieve to be the conduit for this connection to take place.

On more technical issues, we are always in search of the highest quality coffee that is ethically sourced. We take trips to coffee farms around the world, namely in Latin America, Sub saharan Africa and Pacific Asia to work with the most reputable roasters in the industry. This is a very intensive and painstaking process and takes all our time besides operations. We love the end product and sincerely hope you do too.

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Life begins after coffee!

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Floyd J. Alcock: A Barista’s Passion for Coffee and Espresso Machines

Floyd J. Alcock - Owner of Republik Coffee Bar

I’m Floyd J. Alcock, a seasoned barista, and my journey in the world of coffee has been nothing short of remarkable. From my earliest memories, I have been fascinated by the aroma and taste of coffee. It was this fascination that led me to pursue a career as a barista and dive deep into the art and science of coffee-making.

As a barista, one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is helping customers choose the perfect coffee that suits their taste preferences. I understand that coffee is a personal experience, and I take great pride in curating a personalized coffee journey for each individual. When a customer walks into the coffee shop, I engage in conversation, understanding their preferences, whether they enjoy bold, dark roasts, or prefer the floral notes of lighter roasts.

Introducing them to the diverse flavor profiles of different coffee beans becomes an adventure in itself. I talk passionately about the origins of the beans, explaining how factors like altitude, soil type, and processing methods influence the final cup. Whether it’s the fruity sweetness of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the chocolatey richness of Colombian beans, I make sure the customers leave with a newfound appreciation for the complexities of coffee.

Another aspect of my role is guiding customers in choosing the right brewing method for their home setup. I provide them with insights into various brewing techniques, such as pour-over, French press, or AeroPress. Each method offers a unique approach to extracting flavors, and it’s incredible to see their excitement as they experiment with different brewing styles at home.

However, my expertise doesn’t end with just coffee beans. I am equally passionate about espresso machines and have gained extensive knowledge in this area over the years. As a barista, I understand the importance of the espresso machine in delivering a perfect shot. When customers express their interest in purchasing an espresso machine for their home or business, I take the time to educate them about the different types available, including semi-automatic, automatic, and manual machines.

I explain the significance of features like boiler types, PID temperature control, and pressure profiling. Helping them understand the mechanics behind a well-built espresso machine ensures that they make an informed decision, one that will enhance their coffee experience at home or in their café.

My dedication to sharing knowledge extends beyond the coffee shop. I have participated in coffee workshops and events, where I’ve had the privilege to educate aspiring baristas. Sharing my experience and expertise with those eager to embark on their coffee journey is truly rewarding. I’ve witnessed the same spark in their eyes that ignited my passion for coffee years ago.

In recent times, the coffee industry has embraced sustainability and ethical practices. As a responsible barista, I advocate for supporting coffee producers who employ fair trade practices and promote environmentally friendly initiatives. This extends to the coffee shop I work at, where we source our beans from sustainable suppliers, ensuring that every cup we serve contributes positively to the coffee-growing communities and the planet.

Owning my own coffee shop has been a dream come true. It allows me to express my creativity, not just in crafting delicious beverages but also in creating a welcoming ambiance for our patrons. I strive to make every visit a memorable experience, where customers can immerse themselves in the art of coffee and savor the magic in every cup.

The world of coffee is ever-evolving, and I am continuously seeking ways to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Experimenting with new brewing methods, blending unique coffee flavors, and crafting signature drinks keep my passion for coffee alive and thriving.

In conclusion, my journey as a barista has been an incredible adventure, filled with countless cups of joy and discovery. From choosing the perfect coffee for each customer to guiding them in finding the ideal espresso machine, every interaction adds to my love for this timeless beverage. As I continue to explore and share the wonders of coffee, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of people’s daily rituals and moments of bliss, one cup at a time.