Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting: 13 Problems and Easy Fix

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If you’re trying to brew a fresh cup of coffee from your Ninja Coffee Maker, there are some minor problems that can cause you to panic. These include the “clean” light automatically coming on or ground coffee in your cup. It is luckily possible to resolve these problems with some troubleshooting and prevent them with a little preventative “maintenance,” largely involving cleaning. This tutorial will show you how to fix some of the 11 common problems with Ninja Coffee Makers.

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11 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting & How to Fix

1. Ninja Coffee Maker Won’t Brew – My Machine Is Turned On, But The Brew Cycle Won’t Start ?

You should check the light indicators. Does the power light indicate power?

If not, consider trying another power outlet. Ensure that the water reservoir has enough water in it. Add water if there is none, and then start the brewing process.

A Drip Stop that makes five beeps indicates that the water droplet top is closed (light indicator with a slash icon is on). For the brew to begin, the Drip Stop must be open. Here is the poem you need if you’re wondering why my Ninja Coffee Maker beeps 5 times after it starts.

You may need to push the brew basket further to reach the brewer if the Drip Stop is already in the open position (light indicator on the water droplet icon is on).

2. Ninja Coffee Bar Beeps 5 Times

Occasionally, the Ninja may beep at you instead of dispensing coffee when you press the brew button. When this occurs, make sure the drip stop is firmly closed and the filter mechanism is fully inserted.

Tipps: The Ninja beeps if you do not open the drip stop after setting the delay brew after you set the drip stop.

A delay-brew will set off automatically when you brew a cup while it is in the process of being set. A beep indicates that the settings need to be adjusted.

3. Ninja Coffee Bar Not Brewing Full Carafe

If you cannot get the correct size of coffee from the Ninja coffee bar, for example, the carafe is not full, check your brew selection.

Ninja has multiple sizes and types of brew.

Perhaps the problem lies in the brew type you selected if you set the brew size correctly. Over-ice brews are meant to be brewed directly over ice and displace half the amount of coffee compared to classic or rich brews.

Make sure there is enough water in the reservoir if you are sure you selected the right brew size.

If none of these problems is the issue, chances are that the Ninja needs to be cleaned.

4. Ninja Coffee Bar Keeps Shutting Off – Ninja Coffee Bar Stops Brewing

The coffee bar could shut off or stop brewing before you finish making a coffee, which can be frustrating.

In case the brewing stops, check whether you selected the correct brew selection. Did you put the brewer under the carafe and then the “travel mug” size?

If this continues to happen after you have shut off, unplugged, and restarted the machine, it probably means that the Ninja needs to be cleaned.

5. Ninja Coffee Maker Stops Flowing

If your Ninja Coffee Maker still won’t brew, it may be blocked up by minerals. You may want to run a full descaling cycle in order to clean the inner valves and tubes of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Fill your Coffee Bar’s empty water reservoir with 16 ounces of white vinegar, or use a commercial descaling solution.

6. Ninja Coffee Bar Leaking Water

Maybe your water reservoir is too full if you have leaking water problems. You should only fill the reservoir up to the indicated line.

Additionally, water will drain from the reservoir once it has been removed. When coffee is being brewed, there can also be some dripping around the filter and the top of the mug due to sputtering.

7. Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good Anymore

There could be several reasons why your coffee is not tasting right:

  • If the coffee tastes too strong, try using fewer coffee grounds, or more coarse grind size. If it is too weak, you can add more grounds, or you can try grinding it a medium size.
  • Choosing an incorrect brew type, or having the machine change the settings, could also cause this. Ninja has a variety of brew options, including classic, rich, specialty, over-ice, and café forte. To find the one you like, you may have to experiment.
  • There is also a possibility that you have switched coffee brands or that your favourite coffee has changed. It could be a bad batch of coffee.
  • You may also be using poor-quality water. To get better water for your coffee, you may have to invest in some kind of water purification system. If your water isn’t flavorful enough to drink, it probably won’t stand up to the job of making coffee.

8. Carafe, Mug, or Cup Overflowed

To avoid overflowing or overfilled cups, verify that the settings are correctly set before you brew. Perhaps you have set the cup size to be bigger than you want.

Make sure your cup is large enough for the size of the brew you’ve selected. You will find the size of the mug brewed for each setting in the instruction manual or on the website, for example, the ounces for a small cup and the ounces for a carafe.

9. Grounds In Cup Or Carafe

The use of the optional permanent filter will cause sediment in your cup as a natural phenomenon.

In the French press, coffee is made using a French press filter to preserve the natural oils in the coffee for a more robust flavour.

With a paper filter, you can make a coffee that is free of sediment. Paper filters with a #4 cone are recommended by Ninja Coffee Maker.

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  • Convenient and resealable bag

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Also, don’t grind your coffee too fine, as this can result in extra sediment in your cup.
It is also possible you put too many grounds in the basket, and water flowed through them when the filter entered.

10. Leaking from bottom

If there is any water dripping from the carafe or warming plate:

  • You need to make sure the brew basket is inside the machine.
  • If it is not there, the warming plate will be flooded with water and the carafe will not work properly. It will sound like sizzling and you will see steam when this happens. Always keep the brew basket nearby!

When brewing coffee, the grounds and coffee pour out:

  • When filling the cup, make sure the coffee runs from the bottom, not the top.
  • If you see droplets on the bottom of the unit, the unit is in serious trouble. Make use of a professional. 

11. Ninja Coffee Maker Cleaning Problems

Ninja coffee makers need to be cleaned routinely just like any other coffee maker. Depending on the type of water you use or how often you use the machine, you may need to change the water more often.

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The best way to avoid this issue, as well as others, is to clean your Ninja every month or two months. Don’t forget to clean and set a reminder.

Using a sensor, the machine can detect calcium build-up making it taste bad and possibly impact the coffee maker.

In order to prevent it from illuminating, it’s best to clean it when the light is on or around every few months. The following is how you do it.

  • Put the carafe on top of the machine, ready to catch water, and set the coffee selector dial to brew carafe, the fullest setting.
  • Once you have poured vinegar into the reservoir, fill the remaining portion of the reservoir with water.

In addition to cleaning the filter, you can put it over the pot once it’s been cleaned. Now that you’re ready, let’s get cleaning!

  • On the machine, click the clean button.
  • An LED light appears and displays the amount of time left until cleaning, which is usually one hour.
  • The ‘CLN’ (clean) light on the panel will switch to ‘FLUSH’ once that step has been completed.
  • You should remove the filter, carafe, and reservoir, rinse them both, and then fill them with fresh water.
  • You can press the clean button again and the machine will rinse the system with fresh water to remove the vinegar.
  • As soon as the flush is complete, the clock will return to the display, and the white light should disappear.

Cleansing in this way will make sure that the clean light does not come on, and other issues won’t arise.

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  1. my ninja coffee maker has started this recently. when brewing a cup or or a full pot, it starts and brews for a few seconds and then stops and the beeping for a finished cycle starts. It quits brewing and I have to continuously start it again until I can get a cup of coffee.
    I have tried the clean and flush cycle and I had to keep pushing the start button till it was done too.
    I unplugged the machine and waited a few minutes and plugged it back, but it didn’t make any difference.
    The drip lever is open on the filter also.
    What can I do to fix this>

  2. My Ninja is making a full pot of coffee when I have the dial set to 1/2 pot.
    I’ve unplugged it, ran numerous clear water pots, all coming out to a full pot.

  3. Ours has started overfiling the same cups that we’ve used for several years
    with no problem. We’ve cleaned it with vinegar several times which helped
    just a little.


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