Mr Coffee Grinder Not Working? 4 Common Problems And How To Fix It

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Mr Coffee Grinder not working? You should read our article to see clearly the pros and cons when using Mr. Coffee coffee grinders, as well as the tips to fix their common problem.

Mr. Coffee, a brand name from America, has been manufacturing automatic-drip kitchen coffee machines and other products as well. Mr. Coffee has been referenced in US popular culture, being mentioned in some songs. Together with the company’s development, its coffee grinders have been fundamental items for coffee lovers.

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4 common problems and how to fix them

Closing the section of pros and cons, we are now moving onto the essential sharing: common issues and fixing guides.

Mr. Coffee coffee grinder not starting

Sometimes you will find out that the grinder cannot start but don’t know the reason. This may result from the problem with power system.

How to fix

When facing this problem, you are suggested to check the power, making sure power is on to the outlet. After that, you should check the electrical cord to see if the problem arises and fix it immediately.

Mr. Coffee coffee grinder not spinning due to the clogged grinds

When you use Mr. Coffee coffee grinders, sometimes they do not spin. In fact, it may due to the grinds clogged in the grinder.

Grinds can be clogged in any area and this commonly happens beneath the button starting grinding. This lack of contact prevents the grinders from functioning properly.

How to fix

If you meet this problem, you should unplug the machine and brush any grinds from the switch with a fine brush. Then press the switch some times using a toothpick. If the issue still goes on, you should disassemble the Mr. Coffee grinder to clean and examine the switch for the break, which you can fix.

Mr. Coffee coffee grinder not operating due to the motor

If the Mr. Coffee grinder does not operate, the motor shaft might be frozen.

How to fix

In this case, it is advised to disassemble the grinder, then clean the shaft and prepare one or two drops of lightweight machine oil to lubricate each bearing point. Consequently, you should rotate the shaft to distribute the oil uniformly.

Mr. Coffee coffee grinder vibrating

If the Mr. Coffee coffee grinder vibrates, the electric coffee grinder’s burr may bend and dull, or the electric switch can break.

How to fix

When dealing with this situation, you are recommended to look over the burr and find a replacement if it is damaged or dull. Another root of vibration can stem from a worn motor bearing. You should unplug the grinder and detach the access plate.

Pros and cons when using Mr. Coffee coffee grinders

One of the important criteria for purchasing new items is their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, we list out the main features as follows.

  • About the advantages of Mr. Coffee coffee grinders, we can first notice their auto-off feature, limiting any risks if you ignore their operation. Also, the cup sizes are adjustable so that we can easily pick the suitable amount.
  • Besides, the bean hopper, which is detachable, can reach up to ½ pound capacity. The grinds are equipped with up to 18 grind settings, so you can have various options.
  • Mr. Coffee coffee grinders have the internal power cord, ensuring safety at the highest level. The grinders have a removable grinding chamber and stainless steel burr plates. In addition, you can pick one of the various colors at an affordable price.
  • Talking about the disadvantages of Mr. Coffee coffee grinders, we have to clean the machines quite frequently, compared to some other coffee grinder versions.
  • What’s more, sometimes you can face the problems of shoot clogging. This results from the grinder’s design, being a small minus in the total assessment.

Coffee Grinder Troubleshooting Video Tutorial


With the above-mentioned information, we hope you can understand clearly the advantages and disadvantages when using Mr. Coffee coffee grinders. Also, common issues and fixing guides have been presented so that you can cope with your own cases effectively. For further discussions related to coffee grinders, you can pay a visit to our other writings. Thank you for reading!

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