How To Open Coffee Bag? Best Way To Store Opened Bags

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These days, branded coffee like Starbucks, Lavazza or some other popular brand comes in stronger packages. These bags are usually a bit hard to open with your bare hands. You may be wondering how to properly open and reseal these bags at home.

Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will answer your question “how to open coffee bag??” and show the best way to store opened bags.

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How To Open Coffee Bag?

Coffee bags are usually sealed tightly to preserve its freshness and prevent oxygen from coming inside the bag. This seal also helps to maintain the coffee’s aroma and flavor.

Before you open your newly bought coffee bag, it’s important to check whether the bag has a one-way gas valve or not. I am sure most brands do have this valve or air opening in the front.

This valve keeps your coffee fresh and prevents it from going bad by allowing inside Dioxide to go out and preventing outside Oxygen to enter inside the coffee bag.

To open the bag. follow the directions given below:

1. First, you will see a black tape on the upper side of the coffee bag. You can pull back the tape from the backside and unclasp the bag

2. After this, you have two options if you want to open the bag. Either you can try tearing down the top opening or use a kitchen scissor.

You could attempt to tear down the top opening but this is pretty cumbersome. If you are not careful enough, this can damage the package and cause it to spill coffee beans.

It is recommended to use a pair of scissor and cut under the line at the top of the bag,

3. Now you can see the coffee inside the bag once you open it.

Here are two different ways to store your coffee: you can either take out the whole coffee and store it inside a glass jar, or keep it inside of the company’s bag.

It is best to store coffee inside a glass jar which helps you keep the coffee for a relatively long time frame and retain the aroma of the coffee beans.

4. You should close or seal the coffee bag to prevent it from going bad by simply folding the top of the bag again and then using the black tape to clasp it.

Why There Is A Valve In The Coffee Bag?

This is for 2 purposes: the first is to give you a chance to smell the coffee beans and the second is to function as a one-way valve.

This one-way gas valve is essential to preventing outside Oxygen to enter inside the bag and also allows internal Carbon Dioxide gas to escape outside easily. This helps to maintain the freshness of the coffee inside the bag for up to 4 months. 

Coffee releases high levels of CO2 during the roasting process which is why it needs proper packing requirements. If you don’t keep the gas valve on the front of the coffee bag, then CO2 pressure inside will build up over time and eventually burst out the bag. 

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last In The Bag Once Opened?

Once the coffee bag is open, the beans can stay fresh for about 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Opening the coffee bag seal exposes the coffee bean to oxygen and begins the process of oxidation. Coffee beans that are stored inside a coffee bag will start to gradually be ruined.

Oxidation can be slowed down by deep-freezing the coffee bags or storing them in mason jars or airtight glass jars.

Some Other Related Questions

What is the hole on coffee bags?

If you’ve ever bought a coffee bag, you might have noticed there is a small hole near the top of most bags. This is an air-release valve that lets some steam escape and prevents oxygen, moisture, and light from getting through. 

Are coffee bags airtight?

Yes, answer to this question is definitely yes. Most coffee bags these days come airtight and properly sealed. National Coffee Association recommends you store freshly roasted coffee in an airtight container to maintain its flavor and freshness.

Can refrigeration help you keep the coffee longer?

Refrigerating the coffee helps you lengthen its shelf life to some extent, but this does not prevent it from losing its taste and aroma when exposed to oxygen after being opened.
The only way to make this process slower is to keep your coffee in a glass jar so that the interaction of coffee with the air can be minimized.


I hope this guide will help you open the coffee bag properly. You have to be careful when you open and reseal your newly purchased coffee bags to protect the aroma and freshness of your freshly roasted coffee beans.

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