How To Design Coffee Mugs? The 3 Simple And Amazing Steps

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Designing coffee mugs can seem like a daunting task. When you are sitting down to design one, do you feel afraid? Have no fear! Designing a coffee mug is much easier than it seems. Let’s get started on this project with the 3 simple steps of how to design coffee mugs!

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How To Design Coffee Mugs?

Step 1

To ensure a high-quality finish, it’s important to clean the surface of your mug with water and methylated spirits before starting. Cleansing the crockery makes sure that there are no invisible films left on from when you bought or made it. The creamy consistency also prevents colors from running together in big drips! Only paint one side of your mugs so as not to spoil any designs at work by dripping over them later – remember always to leave some space around their rims for decoration too!

Step 2

The tip of the edding porcelain brush pen is very flexible, allowing you to create both fine lines and broad strokes. We recommend drawing an outline of your design first (the star motif, for instance) using the brush-shaped tip before holding it flatter when coloring in more detailed areas or letters. Intricate details are easy with this versatile tool! Before writing out “coffee” across the background blue ink, allow that color to dry beforehand so as not to smudge any other colors together during use.

Step 3

If you make a mistake, simply wipe it off with the following technique. Corrections can be made at any time up until the design is fixed by baking in the oven. Once your coffee mug has been baked and before drying out completely, use a damp cloth to clean away mistakes or one of these cotton buds for more detailed work (like fixing small words). Preheat your oven first — 160 degrees Celsius should do just fine! Next place that personalized cup on an empty rack inside and slide it into the heated oven within 25 minutes when all drawn designs are set firmly onto the surface. After leaving them to cool down after cooking, they will become dishwasher safe as well!

Tips to Make Your Own Coffee Mug

Plan It Out

Before you make your coffee mug design project, consider all the details such as how many colors will be used in addition to whether or not there is anything inside the cup itself (coffee beans?). You should also take into consideration if it’s dishwasher-safe or microwaveable so that everyone in your family has access to making their favorite beverage with ease!

Be Colour-Wise

The right color can really make your mug stand out! But if you add too much, the image will look cluttered and messy. Make sure to choose a good color scheme before starting on the final product. If you’re looking for professional printing services, using fewer colors could save money in production costs – talk with professionals like us at Block printing about how we can help!

Choose Your Base Mug for Durability

You want to make sure your awesome mug will be easy to take care of and stand up for years. That’s why you should look for mugs that are dishwasher-safe, so they last long!

Be Inspirational

A coffee mug seems to be an appropriate receptacle, especially when looking at custom mugs with inspirational sayings on them.

It takes more than just your words; it also requires you to show some personality in order for people to take notice of what’s written or said all year round!

Make It Memorable

To help make your mug more memorable, try using a unique or eye-catching design. The recipient will love seeing their favorite animal, college logo, quote from Harry Potter on it every day at work!

Some Coffee Mugs Design Ideas

Colorful Illustrations

Create a coffee mug design that really pops. Use colors and textures to make your cups stand out on the shelf, as well as being exciting for customers who use them in their own kitchens!

When people think of color they often immediately associate it with happiness or fun; both are great moods to be in when drinking delicious hot cocoa from one of our custom mugs.

Typographic Designs

This is a really quick and easy way to make your own coffee mug. You can go big and bold with the Typography or keep it simple for an elegant look. If you’re not into illustration, this may be perfect!

Black and White Designs

For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with black and white. Upload your design as one color designs in black ink for the best results. Leave some space on the mug blank to allow its natural coloring to shine through!


Why You Should Make Your Own Coffee Mug Design?

A custom-designed mug adds a touch of class, character and charm that plain store-bought mugs just can’t compare. When you create your own coffee mug design it becomes uniquely yours and is the perfect way to express what matters most to you in life.

Where can I customize mugs?

You can customize a coffee mug with your favorite photo, a unique design, or a special quote. From latte mugs to classic and color-changing mugs, you can create a unique personalized gift perfect for the special people in your life.


Coffee mugs are still as popular today as they were years ago. You can find them in every corner of the world, from offices to kitchens and boardroom tables. They come with a variety of sayings or artwork that make them perfect for any occasion!

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