How To Cover An Ugly Coffee Table – 2 Steps To Make It Awesome!

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How many times have you seen that ugly coffee table in the corner of your living room and been tempted to cover it with a blanket? In this blog post, we will show you how to make an ugly coffee table look awesome. The best part is that all these techniques are super easy to implement!

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How to cover an ugly coffee table?

If you have been looking for a new coffee table, but cannot find one that will fit into your space with the right vibe then refinishing an old one is what you need to do. There are many ways in which this can be done and today we’re going to talk about five of them.

Sanding off the Old Finish

Pick out an easy-to-clean area to work in

You can’t paint a great piece of furniture without getting messy, so make sure you pick out an easy-to-clean area to work in. If your room is small and there’s no other place for the dust from sanding or spills from varnishing to go but on the floor, put down some drop sheets or plastic sheeting before starting! But hurry up – winter will be here soon and it’ll get harder to fix things around this time.

Clean the surface of your coffee table

You can clean the surface of your coffee table with a gentle, soap-based solution. Mix 2 to 3 drops of mild liquid dish detergent into the water and soak it in soapy cloths for easy cleaning! Rub down any grime or dust that’s built upon the surface until clean.

Remove the finish

To remove the finish from a coffee table, sand in small circles using 40- or 60-grit sandpaper. Try to go with the grain of the wood and only stop when you have exposed all bare wood.

Wipe down the entire coffee table

It’s time to clean away all that wood dust. Wipe down the entire surface with a new dry cloth and use some tacky towels or soft fabric to wipe away any residue left behind from your work. This will make finishing easier later on because there won’t be so much overspray of this product!

Applying a New Cover

Finish the coffee table with furniture oil

There are many ways to get that rustic look! If you like the natural tone of the wood, try applying furniture oil. Don’t worry about getting your hands oily- this is all part of the process! First, clean the cloth and rub it in one direction across each section until there’s no dry surface left on the coffee table or any other piece of furniture. Let it sit overnight, then do another coat for more color variation if desired.

Stain the coffee table if you want a darker or different-colored wood finish

Make your coffee table stand out with a new wood finish! You can try to stain it as the pros do. Just grab some paint or an old brush and start painting in long, smooth strokes going against the grain of the wood. We recommend using one coat for a light-colored effect but two coats will give you that deep dark cherry color you’re looking for. Don’t forget to wipe off any excess after applying before letting dry according to package instructions!

Varnish the coffee table if you want a clear protective finish

Use a 4 in (10 cm) paintbrush to apply a polyurethane or polyacrylic wood varnish of your choice. Go with the grain and use long, straight strokes to apply an even coat all over the coffee table. Let it dry for as long as instructed by the manufacturer then go back if you want added protection/shine!

Paint the coffee table if you want it to be a totally different color

Apply a layer of primer to the wood using a 4 in (10 cm) paintbrush and let it dry for 1 hour. Paint over the primer with your choice of paint, working with the grain and using long even strokes. Let it dry for 4-8 hours then add another coat if you can still see any of that pesky old white underpaint through all those pretty colors!

Some interesting ideas to cover an ugly coffee table

Ikea side table makeover

Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to make your old, boring furniture into something new? Choose the design that best suits your piece of furniture (or choose one at random) then take an ordinary paintbrush or roller in hand and get started on creating something beautiful!

Gold and white stenciled table

White and gold are the color of royalty. Add a really intricate design on top of your end table for an elegant, regal creation that will have people marveling at you throughout your dining room.

Coffee table with a bright new look

Who doesn’t love a nice patio? If you’re trying to spruce up your backyard or create an outdoor living space, check out this creative table idea with marbles.

DIY tile outdoor table

If you’ve got some time on your hands, and a lot of creativity, this project should be fun for you! Add some tile to the table in order to achieve an utterly stunning look.


How can I make my coffee table look nice?

A simple arrangement of seasonally appropriate flowers, along with complimentary candles and coffee table books, is all it takes. Go for a woven coffee table. Add texture and personality to your living room by opting for a handwoven (or an intricately carved) wood or marble one that offers ample space to show off those accessories!

What to put on a coffee table to protect it?

Hard carnauba wax is an easy solution. You just wipe the wax on with one cloth and polish with the other. Or you can combine a little lemon juice to three parts olive oil, dabbing it onto a soft lint-free cloth before rubbing into your wood in either direction, going against or along grain!


Do you have any other solutions for covering an ugly coffee table? I’m sure there are more around here, but it’s amazing how such little changes make a huge difference in our every day.

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