How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker? (8 Steps) You Should Know

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Ninja are one of the most popular brands of coffee makers on the market. They use a unique system to brew your favorite hot beverage that differs from how drip coffee makers work. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to clean, and if you don’t take care of them properly, they can lose their flavor over time.

This blog post will discuss how to clean ninja coffee maker tasting like new no matter how often you use it!

How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

If you want your Ninja coffee maker to run efficiently, you must clean it periodically. Calcium builds up in the machine as a result of hard water. The clean cycle feature on the machine can be used to remove these calcium deposits. It’s very easy. Then, empty the water reservoir and fill it with a mixture of water and descaling solution, or water and white vinegar. If you run this cycle when the clean light turns on on your machine, your coffee maker will maintain its peak performance.

Calcium builds up in the machine
Calcium builds up in the machine

Step 1: Clean your coffee maker whenever the “clean” light illuminates. 

You will find the “clean” button towards the bottom right corner of your coffee maker. A thin red light will appear under “clean,” so you’ll know it’s time to clean your unit. Although the clean light will still be on when you make coffee, you’ll want to clean your unit as soon as possible.

Step 2: Pour descaling solution and water into the reservoir up to the “Max Fill” line. 

The decalcifying solution can help your machine work better and taste better by removing calcium buildup. To find out how much descaling solution to use, check the directions on the bottle you’re using. Descaling solution is available at your local supermarket or on the manufacturer’s website.

Step 3: Descaling ninja coffee maker with vinegar instead of descaling solution to save money. 

In addition to working just as well as the descaling solution, white vinegar is cheaper as well. Pour water into the reservoir until you reach the “travel mug” line, which is 16 fluid ounces (470 mL). Water should be added until it reaches the “Max Fill” line. 

  • Vinegar should only be white. You can’t use other types of vinegar, such as rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, or black vinegar.
  • You can find the travel mug line on your water reservoir in the second column from the bottom.
  • It is important not to exceed the Max Fill line when filling your reservoir.

Step 4: Turn the dial on your unit to the “Full Carafe” size and set up the carafe. 

This is accomplished by turning the dial on the unit all the way to the right. Before you begin, place the carafe underneath the brew basket as well.

Clean Ninja Coffee Maker
Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

Step 5: Press the “clean” button to begin the clean cycle. 

The display of the clock will appear with the letters “CLN” and the timer of the clean cycle when you press the “clean” button. While the clean cycle is running, do not press any other buttons. It usually takes about an hour for a clean cycle to complete. However, the time it takes to clean varies depending on the model.

Step 6: Empty the carafe once the clean cycle ends. 

In addition to the display showing “Flush”, a flashing light will indicate the end of the clean cycle. Fill your sink with the liquid from the carafe to empty it. As with freshly brewed coffee, the liquid in the carafe will be hot when poured out. Be careful.

Step 7: Refill the reservoir with tap water and press the “clean” button again. 

Place the carafe under your brew basket after you pour out the liquid from the carafe. You should then fill the reservoir all the way up to the “Max Fill” line.

  • It will take 8 minutes to flush the system for the first time. 
  • This step does not require the addition of a descaling solution or white vinegar.

Step 8: Run another clean cycle with only water. 

Dump out the water after the clean cycle is complete, then re-flush the system. By flushing the machine regularly, you will keep your coffee fresh and tasty by preventing the descaling solution, or white vinegar, from settling in the machine.

How To Clean The Coffee Basketin A Ninja Coffee Maker And The Carafe After Each Use

  1. Get rid of leftover coffee grounds/carafe in the filter basket and carafe.
  2. Dispose of all removable parts in the dishwasher or hand wash with mild detergent. Dishwasher-safe permanent filter, water reservoir, lid, and glass carafe. Thermal carafes and brewing baskets cannot be washed in the dishwasher.
  3. To clean the unit, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. All the pieces need to be put back in place, and the reservoir needs to be filled.


How to use the clean button on ninja coffee maker?

Press the “clean” button to begin the clean cycle. The “clean light” button on Ninja Coffee Bars lights up when the machine senses calcium and other mineral deposits, and it is an alarm for you to descale the machine.

How do you use the clean cycle on a ninja coffee maker?

It’s very simple. Just pour a mixture of descaling solution and water, or white vinegar and water, into the water reservoir and press the “clean” button. You should run this clean cycle as soon as the clean light on your machine turns on to keep your coffee maker working at its best.

How often should you clean your ninja coffee maker?

How often should you clean your Ninja coffee bar? A regular clean should be done after every use of the machine. A deep clean, which includes descaling, should be done either once every two months, or when the clean light illuminates, whichever comes first.


Cleaning ninja coffee maker is extremely important, not only to help ensure the health of coffee users but also to help coffee taste better. With the information the article shares about the steps to how to clean ninja coffee maker, hopefully, it will provide you with useful and practical information about how to clean ninja coffee maker.

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