How To Ask A Girl Out For Coffee? 7 Successful Steps

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How to ask a girl out for coffee? That is the question that many guys find themselves asking when they are trying to get their foot in the door with someone. It can be hard to know how much pressure to put on her and how you should phrase your offer so it’s not too awkward or creepy, but we will teach you how! 

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How To Ask A Girl Out For Coffee?

One of the things that scares most men while asking out a girl for coffee is being unsure what to do. So, in order to help you with this situation, here are some tips on how you can ask her for a coffee date without feeling pressured.

# Be Confident

A woman’s first impression of you is based largely on the confidence that you radiate. Women are not attracted to guys who have a lack of self-confidence or doubt themselves in any way.

Girls are attracted to confident men. The most significant trait that is important when it comes to winning over the battle of love is that you be self-confidence, and make the girl you are crushing on feels that. Keep smiling and make direct eye contact whenever you see her.

# Check Her Response

Before you approach, observe her to see if she greets you in return. If she does and smiles back at you, take it as a good sign that you can go over to strike up conversation with her. Approach her with a friendly and respectful demeanor.

# Don’t Ask Immediately

She may seem interested now. If you hope to ask this girl out for coffee at some point in the future, do not ask her right now. It’s better to bide some time as asking directly for a date can make you look desperate. So even though you befriend someone in your first meeting, don’t be too aggressive to ask for coffee. Be patient and let curiosity build up for a few days or weeks instead.

# Coffee is Casual

If you want to ask a woman out for coffee, make it sound more casual. When setting up the date, suggest a place close to your location and don’t mention exclusivity. Remember that being casual will help avoid any awkwardness.

# Use Pick Up Lines

You can ask her for the coffee date directly while you are talking to her asking “are you up for the coffee this week?“ However, to make it sound cute, you can say “sorry, but now you owe me a cup of coffee.” When she asks you “why” you can say because “as we have met and now I wanted to know more about you” this may look cheesy and clumsy but had worked for many.

# Be Specific and Quite Flexible

While setting a plan for the coffee date, you need to specify a time. Saying “sometime next week” or simply “any time” sets you up for disappointment. So better select an agreeable time, location and date and ask her for that. If the proposed time doesn’t suit her, then you need to ask her for the suitable time and set it accordingly. 

You need to specify time, location and date
You need to specify time, location and date

# Location

While selecting the coffee shop, don’t pick a pricey one or one that’s cheap. If you choose a pricey cafe, it makes you seem over-smart and show offy; if you go for a cheaper cafe, then you stand to look cheap. Girls will judge this too 


How long should you talk to a girl before asking her out?

Sometimes the right answer is 2-5 minutes. But it could also be 10 or 15 minutes. It depends on how long it takes to open her up emotionally. More experienced individuals can usually do this a bit quicker, but nonetheless, everyone progresses at their own pace so as not to overwhelm the other party

Is it OK to ask a girl out the first time you meet her?

Is asking a girl out the first time you meet her when you are having a good conversation with her a good thing? Nothing wrong with that. … Let her know you’d like to see her again- maybe for coffee. Get her phone number, and if she is hesitant, give her yours and tell her to get in touch if she is interested.

What to say to a girl when you meet her?

When meeting women, many men try to impress them and start flirting immediately after they’ve met. This trick usually works only when the woman is easy to impress or if she’s interested in flirtation, If you want to leave a good or serious impression on the girl, use these topics. Here are some of the interesting topics you can talk about with the girl you like:
1. Talk to a girl you like about her passion
2. Talk about her family values
3. Talk about the craziest thing she ever did
4. Talk about love 
5. Talk about her hobbies
6. Which movies do you like?
7. Discussing careers
8. Talk about favorite perfume, flowers, and sweets


Asking a girl for a coffee date is not that tough when you guys are equipped with the right approach. Who knows, she may still be waiting for you to approach her first. If you have not seized the opportunity today there is a chance that you will lose your chance forever. Inviting girls for coffee can be a bit difficult at first. But just succeed once and these times will no longer be a problem for you

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