Filter Coffee Vs Americano: 6 Basic Differences To Understand

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People often misunderstand the difference between Americano and filter coffee. Some people believe that they are the same and don’t have any differences, but they do.

So short answer for “filter coffee vs. Americano”: 

An Americano is made by diluting espresso, while filter coffee is made with a particular recipe using a filtration brewing machine.

The following are six fundamental differences that will affect your next order.

  1. Brewing process
  2. In the coffee grind
  3. The coffee machine itself
  4. Caffeine content
  5. Taste of coffee
  6. In the Crema

What is Filter Coffee ?

What is filter coffee?

A filter coffee is usually made with a filter brewing machine. Filter coffee is made when hot water is poured over ground coffee beans and left to brew for a more extended time. This type of coffee originated in 1908 when Melitta Benz first invented a paper filter called the flat bottom valve cone; the invention was initially designed to make drip-brewed coffees in 60 seconds less.

Filter coffee is a popular choice throughout the world, and it is used in homes and offices all around.

Whereas percolators were being used before in the 1970s, drip coffee machines have become increasingly popular. Drip coffee machines became more popular due to their ability to produce a milder taste of coffee.

What is Americano ?

What Is An Americano? Explore An Amazing Coffee
What Is An Americano? Explore An Amazing Coffee

An Americano is made with espresso shots (really concentrated coffee that’s extracted under high pressure) and topped off with boiling water. There are many variations when it comes to the Americano. One common way is a 1:2 espresso to water ratio, but others may use 1:1 or even higher percentages.

The strength of the coffee remains the same, but the taste changes substantially. To gauge how strong your drink is, you can adjust either by adding more shots or a higher water concentration.

Caffe Americano meant American coffee; the story behind this moniker comes from when soldiers in WWII diluted their hard-to-drink Italian coffee to create a taste they were used to.

What is the Difference Between Filter Coffee and Americano?

Brewing process


To make a delicious cup of Americano coffee, fill a mug halfway with hot water and add 1-2 ounces of espresso. Experiment with the different volumes until you’ve found your preferred strength.

You may want to add some honey or sugar if you find the taste too bland. Some people also use cinnamon or vanilla to improve flavor.

Filter Coffee

You can make a great filter coffee mug using two different brewing methods: the manual drip or an automatic machine.

To make a manual filter coffee, first, place the filter on top of your mug. Next, add ground coffee beans to the bottom of the filter and then pour hot water over it to cover all of the grounds. Finally, let gravity do its time for a few minutes before removing the drips from your cup with a spoon.

If you want an automatic coffee maker, you’ll need to invest in a machine. These machines will give you more control over the flavor of your coffee, and all machines come with reusable wire-mesh filters that are much better for the environment than paper filters.

Grinding Process

The way coffee is ground has a significant impact on the taste of coffee. If you want to get the most out of tasting your coffee, it’s best to invest in a burr grinder that can produce consistent granules sizes each time.

Filter Coffee

The grind for filter coffee should feel like medium-coarse sand. It applies to both automatic coffee machines and manual ones. The cone-shaped filters should be ground down to the consistency of kosher salt, about a medium level. The flavor of coffee can be significantly influenced by the size and grind of the beans.


A grind for Americano is ideal for getting a finer grind. It will give you a silky texture for the beans. It should feel nice and smooth, but your fingers should be able to feel each grain. 

However, grind the coffee beans right before you prepare a cup of hot beverage. If not done this way, the flavor will dissipate, and it may have a less desirable taste.

Coffee Machine

If you plan on making an Americano, then you will need to make espresso first. You can choose from a few options, depending on your preference: the barista, espresso machine, and cafe are all common choices.

In contrast, you don’t need to buy an espresso machine to make filter coffee. You can even use a tea infuser for making filter coffee.

The Caffeine Content

A cup of filter coffee has more caffeine content than an espresso. It contains about 120 milligrams, while an espresso contains 80 milligrams.

The strength of espresso makes it likely that people drink it faster. A filter coffee, on the other hand, may have a longer duration.

Taste of Coffee

  • Filter coffee usually takes much longer than Americano to brew, which causes the flavors to deepen and become more subtle. It has a sweet taste that complements vanilla or hazelnut flavoring well.
  • The taste of Americano coffee is rich and dark. It is common to use a darker roast when making an Americano. There are three components to a classic Americano: the espresso shot, hot water, and the crema. The barista is a machine that can make an American coffee, but not as intense or as hot as one with an espresso machine or cafe coffee shop.


The foamy layer at the top of an Americano signifies that the coffee beans have been cooked long enough to release oils containing flavors that make for a great cup. The strength and aroma of coffee come from the oils in the beans. The oil layer can also judge the quality of beans.

Where does the crema come from?

Brewing coffee produces oils and fats that are suspended in tiny air bubbles. Coffee beans emit CO2 in the roasting process – after that, they continue talking for around a day. If coffee beans have a layer of crema on them, it means that they’ve only just been roasted and are releasing CO2.

Those who know and appreciate espresso know that if the crema is present, the coffee has been made with fresh ground beans. The flavor of the crema can be pretty acidic because of CO2, so don’t confuse it for being indicative of quality.

Americano vs Filter Coffee: FAQs

Is filter coffee stronger than Americano?

One misconception about Americano is that they are stronger than filter coffee. The concentration of both drinks will depend entirely on the brew ratio and how much water is used to dilute the Americano.

How many shots of espresso are in a 16 oz Americano?

The Americano is an espresso-based drink typically ordered at 12 oz. or 16 oz. and usually arrives with two shots of liquor or three shots of liquor, respectively. It could be too much water! The resulting drink is too thin and loses the original flavor.

Is an Americano just black coffee?

No, an Americano is not just black coffee. It combines a shot of espresso with hot water and is typically served in a larger cup than an Americano, such as 16 oz.
The taste may be too intense for some because it can have more caffeine than your average coffee.

Is Americano coffee bitter?

An Americano is an espresso with hot water, typically 70% espresso and 30% heated water. It has a similar taste to coffee but diluted with the hot water, it does not have as much of an intense flavor.

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