6 Common Keurig Problems And Simple Solution

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When you have a problem with your Keurig, it can be really frustrating. That’s why we created this blog to help all of our readers fix their common Keurig problems! This article will walk through each common Keurig problem and give you the solution that will work for that issue. If you’re having trouble brewing coffee in your machine, then continue reading as there are solutions for those too!

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Common Keurig Problems And How To Fix It

1. Keurig doesn’t Turn On

A common error you may come across when setting up your Keurig or powering one that’s been on for a while is the Keurig doesn’t turn on.

Below are the possible solutions to this issue:

  • First, make sure this isn’t a human error, because they do happen…a lot! Checking that the power chord has been plugged into a working source is important.
  •  Make sure your power outlet is functioning by plugging some other electric machine.
  • Plug the unit, locate the power button and hold it down until the machine lights up.
  • Make sure the water reservoir is seated properly at its place, otherwise Keurig might not turn on.

If none of these tips work, you can call Keurig Customer Care for support.

2. Keurig Shuts Off or Turns On By Itself

If your coffee maker turns on or off without doing anything, don’t worry. It may not be a ghost!

There are different causes depending on what model of Keurig you use, but the fix is usually simple.

  • Problem: Auto Off function has been left on

   Solution: If you own a Keurig Elite, there is an auto-off setting. This setting is activated by the green light which indicates that your machine should shut off automatically, 2 hours after brewing. To disable the auto-off feature, simply press the Auto Off button.

The Keurig Mini is designed to power off automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity. The automatic shutoff cannot be changed, and instead, you just need to press the power button each time you want to use the machine.

For the Keurig Special Edition or Keurig Platinum Edition, there is also and Auto Off function in the machines. On these machines, it is a little bit different than simply pushing a button, though.To solve the problem, you need to go through your machine’s programming menu in order to find a selection that allows you to disable Auto Off. When you find it, just turn it off and your problems should be solved

  • Problem: Keurig stops working in mid-brew

   Solution: This is not a common issue but it does sometimes occur. The issue is usually that the water reservoir has been knocked out of place. As mentioned earlier, there are magnets in the reservoir and machinery that must make contact for the machine to work correctly. The way you fix this issue is to remove the reservoir and then put it back in. You’ll also need to start the machine up again. At this point, your problem should be fixed

3. Keurig Machine Is Leaking Water

Keurig customers often complain about water leakage, and this problem can be fixed by adjusting the following:

If Keurig leaks water while heating

This may happen due to clogged needles or by using the wrong-sized capsule. You can clean both of your coffee maker’s needles and its holder for K-cups. Most importantly, make sure that your valve is unclogged at the bottom of your water reservoir and that it looks undamaged.

In regards to the correct pod size, there are many guides available online. Make sure you follow Keurig recommendations, so your machine doesn’t sustain any damage.

If Keurig leaks water from the bottom

In this case, the problem may be due to a ring at the bottom of the water reservoir or damage on the hose or seal inside your keurig.

If it’s due to the o-ring, replacing them is an easy fix. However, if it’s due to a hose or seal inside the machine, you will need to disassemble your Keurig which I do not recommend.

If nothing helps, call Keurig Customer Care

4. Keurig Is Not Dispensing Water

One of the more common Keurig problems is when a water pump malfunctions, causing your Keurig to make grinding noises as it tries but fails to pump water.

There could be several reasons, but most likely it happens because of water scaling, debris build-ups, and interferes with the water pump.

Here is the step to fix this pumping issue:

  • Take the water reservoir out, empty it out and refill with a little less water.
  • Shake the water around in the water reservoir, empty it fully and locate the opening from where the Keurig pumps water into the brewer.
  • Shake the water around inside the reservoir, empty it entirely and look for the opening from where the Keurig pumps water into the brewer.
  • Clean the opening fully and make sure no debris is in the water pump that may block its flow

5. Keurig Showing “add more water”

This is a common error message for Keurig coffee makers. You may have this issue if the water reservoir is not full enough when brewing. Try filling the water reservoir to the maximum level and see if the error message persists. If this doesn’t fix your issue, try the following way:

  • Remove the water tank unit and Empty the water tank completely.
  • Clean the water reservoir with the soap, and non-abrasive cloth (not dishwasher safe), then rinse from top to bottom.
  • Check the valve at the bottom of the water unit and on the machine where the water unit goes. Valves can sometimes get clogged, which prevents it from working properly
  • Now, refill the water reservoir to the maximum level and place it back into the machine.
  • After you have done the steps for troubleshooting, press brew to verify if the error message is gone.

If the above solution couldn’t fix the “add more water” error, it’s time to call Customer Care service.

6. Coffee Tastes Bad

You might notice that the coffee from your machine is not tasting as good as it used to, or is tasting bad. This could occur because your machine, and everything in it, has built up a significant level of dirt after not being cleaned often enough. Wherever the problem lies, it is important that you clean your machine to avoid getting contaminants in your coffee or breaking your coffee machine.


How does a Keurig brew coffee?

Keurig, the pop culture darling of coffee lovers everywhere, was designed to brew a perfect single cup. A small pod is inserted into the brewer and in seconds, magic happens as Keurig brews your favourite drink.A few buttons are pressed, and small pins from the coffee maker penetrate the k-cup. Hot water is released through those pins, brewing grounds inside the cup. It’s that simple! That is why the Keurig machine is such a household brand – easy coffee at your fingertips.

What we love about the Keurig coffee maker?

• Very convenient and functional. If you want coffee at the same time each day, this is a great option for your brewer.
• A wide variety of flavors to choose from.
• The coffee is usually of decent quality.

Can Keurigs become moldy?

Though mold is not a common issue with Keurig machines, if the machine isn’t cleaned regularly, you could encounter some. Make sure always to rinse and wash your water reservoir.


If you have done everything you can to figure out what is causing your problems with your Keurig but have had no success, it’s time for you to contact Keurig Customer Service. If your Keurig is still under warranty, contact Keurig directly to take advantage of their customer service.

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