Breville Coffee Grinder Not Working? 4 Common Problems And How To Fix It

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Breville Coffee Grinder not working? You should read our article to see clearly the pros and cons when using Breville coffee grinders, as well as the tips to fix their common problem.

Breville is a company from Australia, specializing in small home appliances. Breville has become an iconic worldwide brand that improves human lives through delicate design and awesome innovation. Specifically, it is best known for coffee machines, blenders, kettles, toasters, microwaves, and toaster ovens. Among these products, Breville coffee grinders are the noticeable ones that have become popular in various countries. Perhaps you are considering whether it is a good choice a bring home a Breville coffee grinder or not. So, let discover Breville coffee grinders with us. Now, we are going to discuss their pros and cons, as well as how you can fix the problems yourself when using these machines.

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Pros and cons

Everything has two sides, not except for Breville coffee grinders. So what are the pros and cons of these grinders? Here are the key points:

  • In terms of advantages, we can first mention that Breville coffee grinders are really easy and simple to use. Also, it features a low-noise level, compared to some other bean grinders.
  • Dosing control works well since it is upgraded. So, you can get any kind of grinding texture you wish with Breville coffee grinders. They have more grinds setting, producing even grinding results.
  • Besides the main machine, you are offered all the accessories needed for the performance. Breville coffee grinders are durable and efficient machines.
  • Regarding the disadvantages of Breville coffee grinders, it is noticeable that they require frequent cleaning. You need to get access to some parts that call for cleaning.
  • In addition, it is impossible to save different settings for particular brewing methods. This can be regarded as inconvenient for those who want to change the setting modes.

4 common problems of Breville coffee grinders and how to fix them

Breville coffee grinder vibrating

If the Breville coffee grinder vibrates, the electric coffee grinder’s blade may bend and dull, or the electric switch can break.

How to fix the vibration of Breville coffee grinder?

When dealing with this situation, you are recommended to look over the blade and find a replacement if it is damaged or dull.

Another root of vibration can stem from a worn motor bearing. You should unplug the grinder and detach the access plate.

Breville coffee grinder not starting

Sometimes you will find out that the grinder cannot start but don’t know the reason. This may result from the problem with the power system.

How to fix Breville coffee grinder not starting?

To deal with this situation, at first, you check the Hamilton Beach grinder to make sure it is plugged in properly. The machine must be plugged for operating.

When utilizing the center pulse switch, if the device performs at one speed setting while malfunctioning at other speeds, this can be understood that the switch is damaged and you should replace at once.

Sometimes sugary substances or food waste can result in button jamming. Keep the switch clean and remove liquids and food products if found.

Breville coffee grinder not running due to thermal limiter

In case the Breville grinder still does not run, the thermal limiter is possible to be burned out.

How to fix the Breville coffee grinder not running?

First, you can find a substitute thermal limiter for the burned one, then operate the machine to see the performance.

If it is not available to find a replacement for Breville grinder’s thermal limiter, then it may be more expensive to substitute the grinder.

Breville coffee grinder not spinning due to the clogged grinds

When you use Breville coffee grinders, sometimes they do not spin. In fact, it may due to the grinds clogged in the grinder.

Grinds can be clogged in any area and this commonly happens beneath the button starting grinding. This lack of contact prevents the grinders from functioning properly.

How to fix the Breville coffee grinder not spinning?

If you meet this problem, you should unplug the machine and brush any grinds from the switch with a fine brush.

Then press the switch some times using a toothpick. If the issue still goes on, you should disassemble the Breville grinder to clean and examine the switch for the break, which you can fix.

Video Tutorial: Fixing Breville Coffee Grinder Not Working


For the coffee lovers, Breville coffee grinders may accompany them for a long time, serving the coffee grinds for their favourites. If you are searching for the information of this brand’s products, so the pros and cons, as mentioned above, can give you a subjective picture. At the same time, it is helpful to look at the quick guides to fix the problems that are arisen when using Breville coffee grinders. We hope the article is useful to you. Thank you for reading!

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