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Best Ninja Coffee Makers 2020: Reviews, Consumer Report & FAQs

There are some coffee machines, like Ninja Coffee Makers, that are superior to all others. Ninja knows the science behind good coffee. And so with advanced brewing technology, it has much to offer for home users.

You never have to set foot in a coffee shop again. These Ninja Coffee Bars fulfill and satisfy all your coffee needs. From drinking it strong to frothy to iced. With affordable prices and cool features, Ninja is the best coffee maker for home use.

If you don’t believe me, check these out.

Best Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews of 2020:

1. Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker CE201

The Ninja Brewer has a generous and spacious capacity. It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at one go. And if 12 cups are too much for you, it can also brew a small batch or a single cup. It has detachable and easy-to-clean parts like the water reservoir and carafe.


  • The glass carafe is sturdy.
  • You can brew classic or rich coffee.
  • The programmable delay brew is accurate.


  • The machine is bulky and heavy.

Ninja coffee makers offer the best coffee-brewing experience at home. Even if you’ve been using another brand for a while, it’s never too late to switch to Ninja. Ninja compares well against other coffee makers for home use.

It’s sturdy with removable parts that are easier to maintain. You can remove the glass carafe, water reservoir, and clean with plain soapy water. Once the parts go back in, the machine looks and functions as good as new.

It comes with a measuring spoon/scoop. You can fill the water up to the top and not have to worry about measuring it. The carafe is strong and transparent. Since it’s a glass carafe, it may not keep the coffee hot for long. That’s why the warming plate is for.

2. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Auto-IQ Coffee Maker CP307

This Ninja coffee maker offers 10 cups of coffee in a single brewing cycle. But it’s versatile because it can brew hot and cold drinks. It is a coffee and tea brewing machine. And it comes with a thermal carafe that’s easy to clean.


  • The set up is easy and quick.
  • The retractable milk frother is sturdy.
  • The hot brew tastes rich and delicious.


  • It takes up a lot of space.

Everybody enjoys a chilled drink now and then. Whether it’s an iced coffee or a tall glass of cold brew, it’s good to have the option. This machine’s Auto-IQ system and Thermal Flavor Extraction technology are superb.

You can brew in a variety of ways. Such as in different brew sizes and brew options. The intelligent brewing system does a really good job of it. You just have to press a button and it gives you what you need.

The dual-walled thermal carafe is another outstanding feature. It doesn’t drip or spill coffee. It sits on a warming plate that keeps the coffee fresh for longer. Therefore, it’s not just the thermal carafe that retains the heat and aroma of the coffee inside. It adds 2 more hours to that time.

3. Ninja CM401 Specialty Coffee Maker

In terms of design, functionality, and flexibility, this coffee maker is good. It can support an entire family’s coffee preferences. The intuitive control panel and brewing technology are also unique and convenient.


  • Flexible brewing sizes with adjustable drip tray.
  • The frother is foldable and sturdy.
  • SCA-certified for safe home use.


  • It is larger than most Ninja models.

The Ninja CM401 is a flexible choice for many reasons. It’s the most budget-friendly and classy choice for most coffee drinkers. It gets everything right. From the brewing options to the various cup sizes and ease of use. You can pick what drink you’d like to drink.

This includes hot, cold, specialty, and rich. It has a fold-away frother that hardly takes up any space. The machine uses a special way to extract and brew coffee to perfection. Accurate and professional, the coffee’s natural oils and aroma are not lost.

The ways of this best Ninja coffee maker are direct and straightforward. It gives off a very professional and authentic vibe. It does take some getting used to but that’s not something you need to worry about.

4. Ninja CF091 Coffee Maker

This coffee bar system is great for most people. It offers one of the best coffee selections Ninja has ever seen. This includes classic and rich brew, iced, specialty, and Café Forte. Each serving of coffee is intense and aromatic.


  • The pre-infusion adds flavor.
  • You can brew in 6 different sizes.
  • It has a glass carafe on a hot plate.


  • The frothing device doesn’t heat milk.
  • No control over water or coffee measurements.

This is one coffee machine whose espresso tastes really good. The coffee extraction process works in a variety of ways. You can make hot lattes and cappuccinos. It may not brew at the exact water temperature but it’s always reliable.

The water tank is easy to refill. It has a metal reusable filter that’s easy to clean. And metal just means less clogging and even and full extraction. It also pre-infuses the coffee in hot water before starting the brewing process.

This smart and efficient Ninja coffee maker is a steal. It’s so easy to keep with features that are just as long-lasting. You can choose from a full cup to a full carafe. And in between, you have at least 5 different size options available.

5. Ninja Single-Serve Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar CF111

This Ninja coffee bar system is professional and accurate. Once you know how it works, you can really make something out of it. It uses freshly ground coffee or packaged ground coffee. You can brew from a variety of cup sizes. And it has a built-in frothing device.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The milk frother is quick and sturdy.
  • It extracts strong and full-bodied coffee.


  • The water reservoir is bulky.

If you need something straightforward and quick to use, this is it. It has 3 different brew settings – classic, rich, and over ice brew. You even have a specialty and Café Forte drink. Both drinks offer a strong shot of espresso. You can top it with frothy milk which is also easy to use.

This best Ninja coffee maker truly shines. It has plenty of features to ensure smooth and consistent performance. Even though you cannot brew a full carafe, the single-serve feature is awesome. It just means you get fresh and strong coffee every time.

The fact that it doesn’t use pods is also helpful. Using coffee pods is a total waste. Unless of course, you can use reusable pods that most brands are now compatible with. The Ninja’s brewing system is authentic. For the price, it’s a steal because it offers a variety of delicious drinks.

6. Ninja CF080Z Programmable Coffee Maker

The Ninja Programmable Coffee Maker is an exceptional choice. It can make several types of coffee in several sizes. The adjustable drip tray and a large water reservoir are proof of those features. It’s an all-time favorite among picky and regular coffee drinkers.


  • Auto-IQ technology is professional.
  • It has a warming plate.
  • Quick 2-hour automatic shutoff.


  • You need to add an extra filter for fine grounds.

The coffee maker is magical. It understands your undying love for coffee. And it wants to bring you the best possible way of brewing it. This best Ninja coffee maker has everything set up comfortably.

It’s a complete coffee bar system for your favorite cup or mug or tumbler to brew in. You can make hot, cold, iced, and blended coffee drinks easily. The Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligent System brews according to your coffee preferences.

The carafe is glass and sturdy. It sits on a warming plate with a 2-hour shutoff. So it stays hot and fresh for a long time. Long enough for the entire family to steal a cup or two without running out of coffee.

7. Ninja CF020 Coffee Brewer

Your days can look much better with the Ninja Coffee Maker by your side. It brews coffee consistently and authentically. This coffee brewer has a sleek and modern design. It’s all black and shiny so it looks good on any kitchen counter.


  • Simple one-touch control.
  • You can brew directly into your cup and carafe.
  • The 2-hour auto-shutoff is precise.


  • The filter needs improvement.

For those who have been using this coffee brewer for months know it’s something special. It has a swift and convenient design and functionality. It offers flexibility in size and brewing. It has a small footprint with a scoop and filter.

The distance between the plate and the spout is tall enough. Tall enough to fit a tall glass under the spout for an iced drink. The settings are to the right. Well-displayed and organized on a control panel. It gets all the buttons right offering one-touch control over everything.

The flavor extraction and brewing consistency are on point. You can brew rich or classic coffee any time you want. Even if it’s for a large batch, the warming plate is there to keep the coffee fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the different brew choices in a Ninja Coffee Bar?

Ninja coffee makers go a step further to provide exceptional coffee. Their ‘Classic’ and ‘Rich’ brew are superior to most other coffee systems for home use. But that’s not it. Ninja also offers specialty, iced, cold, and Café Forte brews.

Here’s a simple run-down of each of them

Classic Brew

The classic brew is smooth and full-bodied. It’s what you generally want in a coffee maker for home use.

Rich Brew

The rich brew is stronger and more balanced. If you want to add some milk or cream to your coffee. The rich brew helps balance the flavor and texture of both. It tastes much better with frothed milk.

Over Ice / Cold Brew

You select over ice to brew rich and hot espresso right over a tall glass filled with ice. This is different from cold brew as the cold brew is watered down coffee. So it’s already cold before it pours into a glass or carafe.

Specialty / Café Forte

Specialty coffee is what you already know and love in coffee shops. This includes lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites. It’s basically espresso-based drinks with frothed milk. Generally, if a Ninja Coffee Bar System offers specialty drinks, it comes with a frother too. Café Forte is exclusive to Ninja Espresso Systems only. It’s unique and special. It is strong espresso that you can drink watered down or with milk. It’s the strongest brew setting on a machine.

2. Why is Ninja Coffee Bar reviews different?

Ninja coffee systems are different because of their cool and advanced features. Such as the Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligence. This technology gives you the best possible brew. Based on the coffee drink you select. It weighs the temperature, water, and coffee while brewing. Some Ninja coffee machines also opt for pre-infusion for 30 seconds before brewing.

Another important feature in Ninja coffee machines is pod-free brewing. It comes with a permanent filter that’s easy to clean and maintain. In this metal filter, you can add fresh coffee of any flavor or roast. So this means it’s also compatible with decaf coffee.

The built-in cold and hot frother are functional too. It may not heat the milk as in a steam wand. But it froths milk using air bubbles which is just as effective. You can top off all your drinks with creamy and dense milk foam. It enhances the flavor of coffee tremendously.

Lastly, most people look forward to the various brew sizes in a Ninja coffee machine. You can brew a cup of coffee. Some coffee bar systems also offer an XL coffee cup compatibility. This also includes a tumbler, XL tumbler, a glass, half a carafe, and a full carafe.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons to choose Ninja coffee makers. Whether it’s to add more functionality to your coffee brewing habits. Or to brew a larger batch in a short period. The best Ninja coffee maker has a set of features too hard to resist.

Just like the Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker CE201. It’s fast, powerful, and durable. It offers the flexibility of a professional coffee bar at your disposal. And it all fits together nicely so you won’t need 4-5 different machines for it.

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