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Best Drip Coffee Makers 2020: Reviews, Consumer Report & Buying Guide

Perhaps each one of us feels is missing something if in the morning we do not enjoy a delicious taste from a cup of coffee. The best drip coffee maker will help you have a more alert and energetic morning.

A drip coffee maker is an essential home appliance. It’s found in most homes where there is at least one coffee drinker. And whether you like straight-up black coffee or milky cappuccinos. There’s no better way to make rich and flavorful coffee than drip.

If you find that hard to believe, I have a nice spread for you. Some are automatic, manual, percolators, and commercial machines. All of them are bestsellers and classic choices for any coffee drinker.  

5 Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Automatic drip coffee makers give you a speedy and smooth performance. Some directly from coffee beans to a cup or carafe. And some from the perfect freshly roasted coffee grind to a cup. You can select the brew strength, timer, and lots of other interesting features.

1. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Brewer has a single-serve and carafe functionality. It has an automatic and programmable interface. Where you can pre-brew your coffee or carafe and serve yourself hot coffee as soon as you wake up.


  • Accurate time and brew options. 
  • The single-serve and carafe filter is dishwasher-safe.
  • Easy to brew loose/ground coffee.


  • The bold setting on single-serve is slow.

This machine has been a great convenience. It has a quick and effective single-serve and carafe design. It offers reusable coffee filters which makes the machine easy to clean. The single-serve cup size is sufficient. It’s the perfect big cup to help you stay active and energized in the morning. 

This best drip coffee maker is a snap to maintain. It has smart features like the warming plate and the brew selector. It promises intuitive and smooth performance. You can also fill up a coffee tumbler in the same place like a coffee cup.

The coffee is brewed fast in a regular setting. It has LED lights but those turn off as soon as the coffee is done brewing. And the keep-hot plate keeps the coffee hot for long. So you should be in no rush to sip the coffee before it starts to taste stale.

2. BLACK DECKER 5-Cup CM0700BZ Coffeemaker

This is an affordable and reliable drip coffee maker. It functions smoothly and durably. With a permanent coffee ground filter and an ergonomic carafe. The carafe is made of glass so it looks classy and sophisticated. And the black sleek design does too.


  • Simple on/off switch control.
  • The plastic is heavier and stronger.
  • The pouring carafe spout is wider. 


  • The water doesn’t get very hot.

Your mornings can be as good as the coffee you drink. And the way you brew coffee is an important factor of consideration too. In a drip coffee maker, it’s simple and quick. For someone who has a few cups every morning, this is the perfect drip machine.

It has a compact and lightweight construction. So you can store it anywhere. Even if you have the bare minimum space on your kitchen counter, this can fit anywhere. It has a carafe holder too. You just have to slide it under the drip and it stays there comfortably.

If you’re in a hurry one morning, the sneak-a-cup feature comes in handy. You can pour a single cup without making a giant mess and resume the 5-cup brewing feature. It’s quick, effective, and long-lasting for sure.   

3. Ninja CM401 Specialty Coffee Maker

The Ninja is a stylish and programmable coffee maker. If you want a drip coffee maker that does more then go for this one. It has a milk frother, multiple cup sizes, a glass carafe, and water storage. It’s cost-effective, programmable, and durable to use.


  • You can paper filters in the permanent filter basket.
  • Easy-to-set timer and versatile features.
  • It brews quickly and evenly.


  • No water filtration included.

The Ninja delivers hot coffee. It has a stylish design with accurate features. Including 6 brew cup sizes selector. From a single large cup to a full carafe. You can go back and forth the cup sizes based on what you want. This also includes an XL cup to half a carafe and an XL travel mug. 

The frothing device is movable in that it folds away to the side. It froths cold and hot milk for you. This is perfect if you like to top your rich coffee with some creamy and textured milk.

The coffee brewing technique is quite effective. It features balanced coffee saturation, blooming, and extraction. You can opt for a longer saturation with this home brewer’s bold setting. The timer and easy to pour drip make bold coffee rich and mess-free.

4. Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central is versatile and convenient to use. It has a 12- cup carafe with automatic and easy-to-read features. It controls temperature, time, and freshness. All thanks to the charcoal water filter and permanent gold-tone filter.


  • Quick brew-pause function.
  • Programmable settings with shut-off and timer.
  • BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe parts.


  • The water filter is not removable.

This is a genuine coffee drip machine. It gives you the best tasting coffee from a medium grind. Drip coffee machines don’t work well with a fine grind. It only yields a bitter and over-extracted coffee taste.

The programmable functions are quite superior. With the gold-tone filter, you’re in for some serious coffee-extraction results. You can pour a single cup mid-brew. It brings much to the table in terms of ease of use and convenience. 

The internal water filter and heating get the water hot. This supports even extraction and better coffee blooming. The charcoal filter improves flexibility so you can use tap water. It’s easy to access and maintain. 

5. Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

The Zojirushi is a well-designed coffeemaker. It proves to most people why they don’t need a super-expensive coffee maker at home. You can still make a delicious, piping hot cup of coffee with this one. A total of 5 cups, in fact, with no bitterness or mess.


  • The automatic keep-warm function is great.
  • It has a strong brewing system.
  • Perfect for a finer coffee grind.


  • No automatic shut-off feature. 
  • It drips coffee after it’s done. 

If you have one of those where you want coffee made quick and easy. This drip coffee maker is the perfect choice for such a day. You can brew coffee cold, hot, iced, creamy, sugary, etc. This best drip coffee maker works in all sorts of ways. 

And it produces rich and hot coffee for 5 cups quickly. The filter cone is easy to clean and maintain. It even has a water filter for daily tap water use. The machine occupies a small footprint and is fairly lightweight. But that’s not to say it’s an entry-level choice.

It brews coffee deliciously and consistently. If what you’re looking for is a simple and strong coffee, nothing works better than this. It produces a fuller coffee flavor, even with a fine grind. The parts make less of a mess with a hot warming plate. It’s a sure deal.

5 Best Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Makers

The basic need of a thermal carafe is to preserve coffee’s flavor and aroma for longer. And some amazing thermal carafe drip coffee maker can store coffee for up to 4 hours! With features like a hot plate and auto turn off, you can make the most of these thermal carafe drip coffee makers.

1. Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT Coffee Brewer

Technivorm Coffee Brewer ensures a balanced and hot cup of coffee every time. Just add water and coffee, and you have the best drip coffee maker to take care of the rest. It produces the perfect coffee bloom and extraction there ever will be.


  • Speedy and consistent coffee extraction.
  • It keeps the coffee hot for 1 hour.
  • Automatic shut off is available.


  • It does spill while pouring from the carafe.

This drip coffee maker understands how coffee works. The correct method of saturating coffee for smooth extraction. The importance of coffee blooming for richness and freshness of flavor. 

The thermal carafe takes things a little bit further. It keeps the coffee hot and fresh for longer. Not just for a few minutes after brewing or a half an hour. But for a full 60 minutes! The tight seal around the spout of the carafe keeps the freshness sealed.

This, with the auto shut-off, quick brew time, and manual drip-stop. They elevate how you brew coffee every day. And reduce heavy cleaning up to do afterward. If this isn’t the easiest method to brew delicious and rich coffee, what is? 

2. Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart is a precise and convenient coffee maker to use. It comes with an automatic bean grinder and a 10-cup capacity. It’s fast and reliable even though it grinds the coffee beans for you. It’s a total space-saver with a water filtration system in place.


  • The permanent gold-tone filter is strong.
  • The thermal carafe has a comfortable handle.
  • Quick 1 to 4 cup brew settings.


  • You have to clean the grinder after every use.

This is the easiest coffee maker to use. It is its coffee station. With a coffee grinder, brewer, and thermal carafe. And a large cup capacity that allows you to brew as many cups of coffee as you want. Surely, you wouldn’t want to brew more than 10 cups at once?

The look and feel of the coffee maker are great. Very sophisticated and sleek to show off on a kitchen counter. The parts feel secure and sturdy for long-term use. The plastic parts are made of BPA-free plastic. So it’s long-lasting and compact to handle.

The thermal carafe has double-wall stainless steel insulation. This offers to keep your coffee fresh and hot for a long time. The bean grinder is loud but what bean grinder isn’t, right? It only means it’s working well and delivers consistent results each time.

3. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System are versatile and unique. It’s the best drip coffee maker for hot and cold coffee. If you find a cold drip coffee maker fascinating, this is a cut above. Because it offers you traditional coffee brewing plus cold brew. Isn’t that great?


  • It brews coffee and tea.
  • Quick and automatic tea/coffee sensor.
  • Different brew cup sizes and styles.


  • The carafe doesn’t keep coffee hot for long.

This is a smart and effective coffee maker. It has for beginners and coffee experts. The features are easy to use and understand. The coffee scoop is a big help when brewing different coffee drinks. And the frother is high-quality and strong.

The best choice for cold brew or iced brew. You can choose your coffee brew strength from classic to rich. It has two different kinds of cold brew. The first is when you drip coffee over ice cubes. And the second is when the machine pours cold brew into the cup without any ice. You can even go for specialty drinks which include frothy coffee cups. 

This machine is for the strong coffee drinker. The frother froths cold and hot milk. Though it doesn’t heat the milk by itself. You will have to do that on a stove or the microwave. This isn’t a problem granted this drip coffee maker delivers superior and delicious coffee any time you want.

4. Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

The Breville is a very simple and authentic coffee maker. It is the best considering its wide range of coffee machines. And this coffee maker is one of the most precise ones. It has an attractive and modern design. It’s automatic, fast, and 100% foolproof to use.


  • The water temperature is adjustable.
  • It includes a flat bottom and cone filter.
  • It has fast, gold, and ‘my brew’ features.


  • The thermal carafe is not properly sealed.

This is the kind of coffee maker you can forget about. What I mean is that it remembers your favorite kind of coffee drink. You can set a timer the night before and serve straight hot coffee in the morning. Hot, cold, iced, pour-over, you name it!

The brewing mechanism is unique in that it steeps and extracts coffee. Breville has this technology patented which indicates superiority in performance. If you things automatically are taken care of, the gold preset mode is perfect. It adjusts the water, coffee, and brewing time. 

The result is phenomenal and authentic coffee. The controls are pretty intuitive and easy to access. If you like your coffee hot, it doesn’t get any hotter than this. It maintains the perfect brewing temperature to extract fully and evenly. 

5. Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

The Bonavita One-Touch Coffee Maker brews the perfect coffee. It masters the art of essential coffee brewing skillfully. All with the help of basic and accurate brewing features. It has a pre-infusion mode which is not present in many thermal carafe drip coffee makers.


  • The coffee pot stays hot for longer.
  • The brewed coffee is rich and smooth.
  • Fast and convenient coffee machine.


  • The carafe lid feels flimsy.

This smart appliance looks good on any kitchen counter. It’s better than most because it extracts coffee authentically. It has perfect temperature settings. The water dispenser allows uniform and even heat distribution. And if you favor strong coffee, you can have that too.

The coffee basket has a flat bottom which allows better extraction. That way hot water reaches all 4 corners of the filter. Steep hot water over all of the coffee grounds. This calls for perfect saturation and the best homemade cup of coffee. 

The design is relatively easy to handle. It won’t rust or vibrate or become loud with time. It is one of the sturdiest coffee machines on the market. The kind that makes brewing coffee every morning better. With less mess to clean up afterward.   

5 Best Electric Percolators

A little way advanced than stovetop percolators, electric percolators are unique. They come with special features such as indicator lights and a keep-warm mode. An electric percolator is much better to pour from. With its sturdy base, knuckle-guard, and cool-touch handle.

1. Maxi-Matic EC-120 12 Cup Percolator

The Maxi Matic Percolator has a user-friendly and practical design. The transparent knob on the lid is not only attractive but also useful. You can take a peek inside as the coffee is getting brewed to perfection. There is more than just one reason why this percolator is the best.


  • Evenly brewed and strong.
  • You can remove the coffee pot for serving. 
  • Intuitive and useful brewing features.


  • Cleaning the base is a bit difficult.

The reason why this best electric percolator sparks joy is that it’s durable. The stainless steel is well-insulated and sealed to preserve freshness. It’s better than most plastic electric percolators for that very reason. 

It brews a full-bodied and delicious cup of coffee. It brews up to 12 cups that stay fresh and aromatic for longer. Imagine this being plastic, it would go stale and cool in no time. The stainless steel insulation keeps the coffee hot. 

The percolator is not all units. This means it has separate parts that make it unique and more accessible. Such as the detachable coffee pot and power. It has a comfortable handle that’s also heat-resistant. The spout on the coffee pot is curved rather than flat. So it avoids drips or spills as you’re pouring. 

2. Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

The Presto is the best coffee percolator for a reason. It has an affordable and cost-effective price. Unlike many percolators of the same price range, it’s not plastic. It’s all stainless steel and strong. And it has a filter basket that supports paper filters too.


  • The filter basket is stainless steel.
  • Clear ready-to-drink indicator lights.
  • Long-lasting design and easy to maintain.


  • Replacing the filters is a bit tough.

This percolator has a large and generous capacity. The percolating or perk tube and the filter being stainless steel. It just makes the coffee extraction process a whole lot easier and faster. Not to forget, stainless steel is easier to clean and keep clean than plastic. 

The percolator takes around 60 seconds to brew a single cup. And you can brew 2 to 12 cups easily. The coffee pot has a curved spout for easy pouring. No matter what types of coffee beans you use, it will never taste bitter or bland. 

There are no extra steps to this coffee maker. It’s a miracle in that it delivers fresh and hot coffee every morning. There is a bit of plastic but it’s a part of the construction. And it doesn’t come in contact with coffee while brewing. So it’s safe and dependable!

3. Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator

Another plastic-free and the lovely choice is the Hamilton Beach Percolator. It’s a real coffee pot with some superb features. Such as the cool-touch handle, detachable cord, and drip-free spout. This is relatively heavy but sturdier still. A bit of rough use won’t hurt it.


  • The parts are dishwasher-safe.
  • The detachable cord is long and strong.
  • Quick and responsive indicator lights.


  • The construction is heavy. 
  • Not travel- or outdoor-friendly.

The quick and effective setup of this coffee maker is interesting. It has every feature you need to brew delicious coffee. The indicator lights angled spout and cord. The base is sturdy and keeps the coffee warm automatically. 

The warming cycle keeps it hot for a long time right after the brewing is done. And it’s not only for coffee. You can make 2 to 12 cups of water hot for tea or hot chocolate or instant coffee. 

So it’s a versatile and functional percolator to use. It’s easy to clean. The interior has water markings for quick and accurate filling. You’re not left doing the guesswork if you don’t want to. And the handle and drip-free spout are intuitive and user-friendly.  

4. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

The Cuisinart is an ergonomic and sturdy choice. It has a smart design with the element underneath the coffee filter. So the hot water never comes in contact with the coffee. This, and so many other features, make this coffee percolator a classy choice.


  • Sleek and modern appearance.
  • Measurement markings for coffee and water.
  • The indicator light is quick and consistent.


  • It doesn’t fill 12 cups of water.
  • The water/coffee capacity is low.

This is a tough competitor. It’s not the best performance-driven percolator. But it suits the needs of most coffee drinkers. The transparent knob, cool-touch handle, and measure markings make it so. 

The handle comes with a knuckle guard that prevents burning. It’s cleverly-positioned under the handle. If you need to grip the handle, your knuckles won’t touch the hot stainless steel body of the percolator. That’s what it’s there for. 

The bottom unit stays cool to touch. This prevents rusting or scorching of the base. The only gripe with this coffee maker is that it doesn’t brew less than 4 cups. So the capacity is a bit short if you want a maximum of 2 cups of fresh coffee in the morning. 

5. Farberware FCP412 12-Cup Percolator

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate this percolator. It has a traditional and authentic design. A step up from what old-school percolators used to look like. The Faberware Percolator is a premium choice with easy to use features.


  • Sturdy and strong construction.
  • The keep-warm mode is efficient.
  • BPA-free plastic parts.


  • The detachable cord is short.

If you’re tired of using bulky and complicated coffee makers. This best electric percolator is the easiest to use. It produces full-bodied and flavorful cups of hot coffee. Brewing a cup per minute, the large capacity supports up to 12 cups of coffee.

The stainless steel is non-reactive which means it doesn’t spoil the taste. It preserves the freshness of coffee and its aroma. The base automatically keeps the coffee warm. And most of the important parts are dishwasher-safe.

The handle is heat resistant and sturdy. It supports and balances the weight of the pot. Even if you have to pour all 12 cups at one go. The spout is ergonomic too in that it doesn’t spill over while pouring. The lid, base, and spout are all in it together to improve how you serve coffee.

5 Best Commercial Drip Coffee Makers

A commercial drip coffee maker is special because it’s large and powerful. It is equipped to produce lots of coffee in the quickest of time. With advanced features and energy efficiency, commercial coffee brewers are a treat to keep. 

1. BUNN CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker

The first of the best drip coffee makers, the BUNN is a premium choice. It takes away the frustrating process of getting up early in the morning to brew coffee. It does everything for you. It brews coffee quickly and keeps it warm for longer.


  • The thermal carafe is large and sturdy.
  • You can brew multiple cups to pot sizes.
  • The spray head coffee extraction is unique.


  • None so far.

This drip coffee maker is a tough nut to crack. It can make up to 10 cups of coffee easily. And in as little of a time as 4 minutes. The design is elegant and striking to behold. Since it’s commercial, it’s super easy to keep up with.

It keeps your coffee hot and fresh for up to 2 straight hours. If you think that’s too high-powered, well that’s how commercial drip coffee makers work. For a large family who loves coffee, this is a perfect choice.

You can keep going back to pouring yourself cup after cup. The 3-year warranty of all the important parts ensures smooth operation. For a quick steal, you can use a travel-sized tumbler too. The adjustable settings and ergonomic design are a quick fix indefinitely.

2. KRUPS EC322 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

You’re in for a treat if you buy the KRUPS Programmable Coffee Maker. It has Thermobrew technology with expert programmable features. It offers a 3-stage brewing process. This helps to extract coffee rich and strong.


  • Simple and effective programming.
  • Quick pause-and-serve function.
  • The filter is permanent and easy to clean.


  • The espresso serving is tiny.

Nothing uses a better coffee extracting technology than this. Especially for the best commercial drip coffee maker. It’s fast, reliable, and long-lasting. All thanks to the advanced 3-step brewing method.

It has customized settings that let you brew from regular to bold. The 4-hour keep warm feature might seem a bit over-the-top. But it’s quite helpful. Especially if you’re brewing for not only yourself but for a group of people.

The machine has auto shut-off as well. It all comes together to ensure a smooth and consistent operation. And you can sneak in a cup by pausing the brewing process. It’s the best commercial drip coffee maker for the price. And a hard one to resist at that!

3. BUNN CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker

The BUNN CSB2G Brew Elite Coffee Maker is a sophisticated choice. It’s made of commercial-grade stainless steel. It has a drip-free carafe and a 25 coffee filter starter pack. Between this and other drip coffee makers, this one is phenomenal and long-lasting.


  • Fast brewing performance.
  • Long-term durability and maintenance. 
  • Easy to program in half the time.


  • The hot plate smells of plastic when extremely hot.

This is a convenient solution for all your coffee problems. It has a good performance value. The coffee pot and filter and hot plate are durable. They won’t burn out faster than you think. Or look worn out or rusty after a few months of use.

If you drink more than 3 cups a day, this is perfect for you. You can get it regular, flavored, and strong. It saves a lot of money in the long run. It can withstand wear and tear from heavy use. And will have you brewing delicious and rich coffee in less time. 

For someone who’s always in a rush getting coffee, this is the ideal choice. The performance is highly rated and user-friendly. The control panel that lets you control everything is easy to access. So it’s a touch and goes kind of thing that’s perfect for a commercial drip coffee maker.

4. BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pour-over Coffee Brewer

If ease of use is what you want, this drip coffee maker is for you. It has a hassle-free and convenient design. It looks and feels great. And the stainless steel construction with the easy-to-pour carafe is of big help.


  • Intricate and ergonomic parts in place.
  • You don’t have to heat the water. 
  • Simple and quick pour-and-brew functionality.


  • The machine is noisy.

This coffee drip maker can brew up to 14.4 liters of coffee. This is what it can do per hour. The construction is portable and lightweight. And it needs no professional plumbing setup. The stainless steel construction is long-lasting. All thanks to the innovative design and features.

SplashGuard funnel is a good feature to have. It makes sure you don’t spill hot coffee all over the table and your hand! It maintains a clean and spill-free surface. The machine itself is quite portable. 

With no plastic parts, the coffee is perfectly brewed. The machine has a separate hot water tank where it preserves water. The water stays hot inside the tank for optimal coffee extraction. The hot plate which keeps the coffee warm is quite impressive too.

5. BUNN VPR-2EP 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

Another good choice is the BUNN VPR Commercial Coffee Brewer. It has superb internal components that keep it sturdy. The coffee brewing technology is consistent and efficient. So it isn’t too complicated to maintain for the long term.


  • Professional-grade performance.
  • Easy to fill and pour coffee.
  • Quick and fast water heating.


  • The carafe is not glass but plastic. 

This best drip coffee maker is so unique and foolproof. It starts up and brews an entire pot in under 3 minutes. It’s one of the quickest coffee makers on the market. All for a suitable and cost-effective price. And with little maintenance to keep up with its powerful performance.

You can use bottled water for better and balanced coffee extraction. It won’t cause mineral deposits and lasts for a long time. It’s a great product for the time and ease of use. Like the previous choice, it has the SplashGuard funnel to keep the pouring drip-free and clean.

Buying Guide

Other Drip Coffee Makers

  • Manual Drippers

The most common types of manual drippers are Pour Over and Chemex. These brewing techniques are the best for coffee lovers who like to control the strength of their brew. And they certainly offer more control in comparison to drip brewers.

When brewing is manual, you can control not only the temperature. But also the volume and speed. However, no doubt, automatic drip brewers are perfect for preparing artisanal coffee. Even so, the flavors you get from manual brewing are way more delicious and richer. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter that you have to invest more effort and time.

  • Percolator

How is the Percolator different from an automatic drip brewing machine? In the case of the former, it cycles water through your coffee grounds several times. This means if you don’t pay attention, over-extraction of coffee is a possibility.

So you have to monitor the brew time and temperature very carefully. A stronger brew offers more bitterness. And that’s not something you get with automatic drip brewers.

But this doesn’t mean Percolators are all bad. They’re actually a very fitting choice for adventurers. You can carry a Percolator on camping or hiking trips. Plus, these are very affordable too.

  • Cold Drip

Obviously, it’s not the only method for preparing a cold brew. But it’s definitely the best one. Such slow-drip coffee makers produce a lighter flavor than immersion brewing. That means if your favorite coffee is packed with sweeter flavors and citrus notes. Then this type of brewing works best at such times.

Brewing takes anywhere between 3 and 24 hours. Meaning it’s not a quick and easy way of preparing coffee. And that’s why automatic drip coffee makers enjoy the upper hand.

Best Features

Brew Strength Control

The models I’ve reviewed, at least most of them, are equipped with brew control. So you can decide how strong your brew should be.

The settings for brew strength control let you speed up or slow down the flow of water. Therefore, slower dripping prepares stronger coffee.

Serving Methods

The best coffee maker is built with a Pause-and-Serve feature. What this does is let you remove the pot or carafe before the entire brewing is complete.

This is the most useful when you wish to brew a whole pot for yourself and others. So those that prefer stronger coffee can enjoy the first few cups using that particular feature. And the ones that drink weaker coffee have to wait till the end.

Then there’s the Self-Serve feature as well. It’s not that common though. This stores your freshly brewed coffee inside the machine. And not in the carafe. So when you’re ready, all you have to do is press the button.

Water Filter

Water filters are a part of some models. And they’re there to improve the taste of your favorite coffee. It’s the best for those who don’t use a water filter at home. So you don’t have to worry about your tap water interacting with the flavors of your coffee grounds anymore.


When the coffee machine is programmable, the whole experience becomes even more convenient. In the sense that you can set a schedule for the coffee maker to begin brewing your favorite cup of coffee  in the morning.

Carafe – Glass vs. Thermal

Glass carafes use a hot plate for keeping your brew warm. But they don’t keep the coffee hot for as long as their thermal counterparts. Thermal carafes, on the other hand, do an excellent job of locking in the heat. That the brewing process produces. This means the original taste of the coffee remains intact.

The only drawback of a thermal carafe is that it’s heavier. However, glass is prone to shattering. And also remember that thermal delays oxidation as well as prevents overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do Automatic Drip Coffee Makers Work?

No matter the type of drip method, the workings of an automatic drip machine is the same.

You start the brewing process by first adding your coffee grounds. And adding water to the unit’s reservoir. Some machines feature a basket-shaped paper filter. And some are built with permanent filters.

Once you turn on the coffee maker, it begins heating water. And then it pumps the hot water over the coffee grinds. The tube system inside lets steam rise there and then.

This brings into the picture the showerhead of the coffee maker. The hot water passes through this showerhead for wetting the coffee grounds. It soaks through them. And then the hot water does the job of extracting the coffee from those grounds. And it is then collected in the cup or carafe below.

2. How to Prepare Better Coffee Using A Drip Machine?

Here are some of the most useful tips for preparing the most delicious cup of drip coffee…

  • Use Filtered Water

You don’t even have to go through the process of filtering water if you get a machine with an integrated water filter. Otherwise, you can use pitchers designed with filters in them.

With hard or unfiltered water, limescale buildup becomes a possibility.

  • Use Fresh Coffee Beans/Grounds

Check the roast date. Because only when you use freshly roasted coffee beans can you expect your brew to taste flavorful and fresh. Otherwise, it’s all going to be stale.

  • Use Proper Grind Size

Even when buying pre-ground coffee, the grind size matters. It’s actually a better idea to grind coffee beans right before brewing. In that case too, make sure the grind size you achieve is medium-fine. The grind size should be between what you normally use for Chemex (medium-coarse) and Espresso (fine).

  • Clean the Coffee Machine Regularly

Needless to say, you have to clean your coffee maker regularly. If you want your brew to taste like it’s supposed to, and not mixed with leftovers and dirt.

For cleaning, here are the simple instructions…

  • Rinse the carafe to get rid of any leftovers. You can wash it like you normally wash your dishes. Just make sure to remove all the used grounds from the filter.
  • With a mixture of 2-parts water and 1-part vinegar, wash the reservoir. Pour this mixture into the tank. And complete a single brewing cycle. Once that is done, let the solution sit inside for 15 minutes or so.
  • If the water reservoir is removable, feel free to detach it from the unit for rinsing. Then fill with clean, fresh water for running another cycle. You can repeat this process once again. You have to make sure the vinegar gets completely eliminated.

Final Thoughts

You want a drip coffee maker that fits together neatly. And coffee makers that brands like Hamilton, Technivorm, and Maxi-Matic offer are quite premium. The fast brewing speed and large capacity are nice features to have. 

Such features allow you to do more in less time. That is, I supposed, an indicator of superior performance and long-term stability. The reason why anyone would buy a drip coffee maker is to brew a large batch quickly. And that’s exactly what the choices in this list have to offer.

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